Accounting Software

Modular, Scalable Accounting Solutions
We have developed an approved, IBM i native accounting package with several modules that can either be run as a stand-alone application, or seamlessly integrated into any of our other software systems.

accounting system A Complete System from Budgeting to Accounts Payable

•  Automated Budget Creation Based on Prior Year Actuals
•  Produce Cash Flow Statements & Download Reports to Excel
•  Positive Pay Posts Data to Your Bank - Limiting Check Fraud
•  Automated Check Reconciliation
•  Integrated Payroll Module Available as an Upgrade

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download PDF Robust, Electronic G/L Record Keeping
This accounting system allows you to support multiple companies from one interface. User-defined financial statements means you can create multiple format styles for various levels of management reporting. Other core features include 1099 tracking/reporting, depreciation schedules and support for multiple fiscal years without purging data. Download our PDF overview to read more about how our accounting solution can work for you.

Create Budgets with Ease
Our system features an automated budget creation command that bases its figures on prior year actual amounts. You also have the option to customize the budget creation based on a percentage of actual expenditures such as 90%, 100%, or 110%. The system also supports multiple budgets, where the user defines a budget period - accounting for scenarios such as fiscal year and crop year budgets that do not necessarily fall within the same calendar timeframe.

User-Defined Subsidiary Ledgers
The system supports subsidiary ledgers for multiple accounts and are fully integrated with all G/L processes.

Cash Receipts Integrated with Shipping
Cash Receipts module is fully integrated with the General Ledger, Subsidiary Ledgers and Shipment Records - keeping all of your records updated and synchronized.

Additional Highlights
Print laser-style A/P and A/R checks with facsimile signature right from the system. Void checks and set up to repay, or select to print checks 'on demand'. Custom Positive Pay feature sends your checks file directly to your bank - minimizing the possibility for check fraud.

download PDF Payroll Module Upgrade
Upgrade your basic accounting system to include our Payroll module. The module supports multiple companies and can also be integrated with our custom time clock interface. Manage salaried, hourly and piecework employees all from one system. Download the software module overview today to see an expanded list of features.