IBM Power™ Systems Server

All of Compu-Tech's core applications are configured to run in an IBM i environment. Upgrading your hardware to an IBM Power™ Systems server can be a highly cost-effective, long-term solution for your business.

IBM power server Why Upgrade? Power = Performance + Savings

•  Lower Your Costs
•  Stable & Powerful Machine is Enterprise Ready
•  Feature Rich - Run Your Business and Your Web Server
•  Supports Scalable, Web-Accessible Applications
•  Versatile Configuration / Systems Integration

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cost comparison
Lower Your Costs
If your business is in it for the long term, an IBM Power™ Systems solution is something to seriously consider. Almost universally, independent analyses conclude that an IBM i solution results in the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) over a 2-3 year period. Even though the initial purchase cost of an IBM Power™ is more than a clustered server solution, the TCO is less because of the reduced labor required to install, train staff and maintain the system. These analyses do not even take into account the cost of server down time which is significantly less with an Power™ solution.

*Cost comparison chart is an excerpt from a report provided by IBM.
Click here to download the full report and analysis.

Stable & Enterprise Ready
The IBM i operating system (formerly referred to as AS/400 and i5/OS) is the most stable and reliable in the computer industry. Its integrated relational database (DB2) is the most popular enterprise database in the world. The ability to run multiple Linux partitions on the IBM Power™ platform gives you unrivaled stability combined with versatility.

Supports Scalable, Portable Applications
The IBM i operating system runs Java code natively without using a cumbersome virtual machine. This gives it the fastest implementation of platform independent Java applications in the industry. Also, using the business oriented ILE RPG programming language combined with the enterprise level performance of IBM's integrated DB2 relational database, your core critical business application will run efficiently with little down time thanks to the inherent stability of the Power™ Systems server.

Versatile Configuration / Systems Integration
The Power™ server can be partitioned to concurrently run IBM i, UNIX, Linux and a web server based on industry standard Apache technology. In addition, adding an Integrated xSeries Server or an Integrated xSeries Adapter allows your IT staff the option of consolidating and integration the MS Windows workloads and controlling them through the Power™ Systems server. This integration can significantly cut costs, personnel and network maintenance needs relation to stand alone Windows network clusters. This means that programs that are based on IBM i, Windows, Linux or UNIX operating systems can all be run on a Power™ server if it is configured properly. As noted above, the Integrated File System (IFS) on the Power™ server allows you to easily integrate the IBM i with disparate systems since spreadsheets, text and graphic files can be stored and accessed on a PC hard disk.

We're an IBM Business Partner
Compu-Tech is also an authorized IBM Business Partner. This means we can provide you with hardware quotations directly, often at a discounted price, as well any financing options currently offered by IBM. Click here to contact us for a quote today.