Microsoft Windows Networking

Although Compu-Tech's core applications utilize the IBM i environment, that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your Microsft Windows network. The versatility of the IBM Power™ server allows you to keep your day-to-day applications intact.

windowsUpgrade to the IBM Power™ Server and Keep Your Windows Network

•  Our technicians are Microsoft and IBM certified
•  We migrate your systems and data upon installation
•  We configure your network to get you up and running quickly
•  Ongoing hardware support available
•  Versatile configuration customized for your business

Certified Technicians
Our Microsoft and IBM i certified technicians have years of Windows/IBM i integration experience under their belts. We can coordinate with your IT team, or we are also available for on-site setup and assistance.

We Get You Up and Running
As part of our evaluation process, we review your current systems and put together a customized plan for both data migration and the setup of your new IBM Power™ machine. From hardware configuration to training and support, we're there with you every step of the way.

Ongoing Support and Customer Service
Once your system has been configured and your team fully trained, we understand that issues may crop up over time. That's why we continue to offer support and troubleshooting as you need it. Customer service is never outsourced - and more often than not, you'll have access to help within minutes.

Versatile Configuration / Systems Integration
The Power™ server can be partitioned to concurrently run IBM i, UNIX, Linux and a web server based on industry standard Apache technology. In addition, adding an Integrated xSeries Server or an Integrated xSeries Adapter allows your IT staff the option of consolidating and integration the MS Windows workloads and controlling them through the iSeries. This integration can significantly cut costs, personnel and network maintenance needs relation to stand alone Windows network clusters. This means that programs that are based on IBM i, Windows, Linux or UNIX operating systems can all be run on a Power™ server if it is configured properly.

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