Training & Support

Experienced & Talented Professionals
The strength of our support lies in the hands of our incredibly dedicated staff. We care about your sucess, and we're here to help when you need us.

training and support Support You Can Count On

•  Training Included with System Purchase
•  We Make Sure Your Team is Up and Running
•  We Offer On-Site or Remote Customer Service
•  Programmers also Directly Available for Support

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Focused, On-site Training
We provide an in-depth, in-person training sessions for your staff. Before we 'flip the switch' and finalize the implementation of your new software system, we make sure that your team has what they need to get started - keeping your business downtime to a minimum.

Ongoing Assistance and Troubleshooting
After your initial setup, we're available five days a week for customer support. Whether you need a quick refresher on how to use the system or you've encountered and error and need help, our team will work to find a resolution as quickly as possible.

Accessible, In-house Programmers
In contrast to most developers, many times you will have direct access to the programmer who built your system. That translates to a speedy resolution for bug fixes and other issues that may arise.